• 'Apex Legends' will pit cheaters against each other
    Respawn may have a particularly poetic way to exact justice on Apex Legends cheaters: give them a taste of their own medicine. The studio has revealed that its anti-cheating efforts will include matchmaking between detected cheaters and spam accounts. Read more »
  • Prime Day Deal: Get Our Favorite Key Finder for Less Than $20
    There's a reason Tile's key trackers occupy the top spots in our rankings of the best key finders. Whether you opt for the Tile Pro or the less expensive Tile Mate, you're getting devices that offer good range, loud alarms and the kind of features that make sure ... Read more »
  • Here Are The Best Prime Day Video Game Deals On PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
    Amazon Prime Day 2019 has officially begun; it's time to spend a lot of money. For all intents and purposes, you can think of Prime Day as Black Friday in July, and it's bigger than ever: Prime Day 2019 runs for two whole days. But like Black Friday, Prime Day ... Read more »
  • Why I bought AirPods on Amazon Prime Day even though I don't 'need' them
    Update: In the US, you can get a total of $30 off the premium AirPods with a wireless charging case. We'll tell you how in our updated news story. UK prices are also below. Confession: I bought the Apple AirPods 2019 on Amazon Prime Day, even though I ... Read more »
  • Walmart Prime Day sale: 4K TV, Apple Watch, and Nintendo Switch Deals
    Prime Day 2019 is in full swing as we head into the second half of Amazon's 48-hour deals event. Though Prime Day deals are officially ending on July 16 for Amazon, that doesn't mean they are ending for every major retailer. Walmart, in particular, has been ... Read more »
  • The worst and dumbest Amazon Prime Day deals that you should never buy, ever
    Amazon Prime Day is a great time to find stellar deals, but when you spend all day picking through the sale like we have you inevitably stumble on some weird shit and some really bad deals. And we're not just talking lackluster discounts. We're talking ... Read more »
  • Oculus Co-Founder Doesn't Believe In VR Gaming Anymore
    Jack McCauley, co-founder of Oculus VR, doesn't think virtual reality is the future of gaming. McCauley left Oculus after the company was acquired by Facebook in 2014. Oculus led the charge for consumer-ready VR when it launched on Kickstarter in 2012. Read more »
  • The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Pet Owners
    When shopping this Prime Day, you may be tempted to treat your four-legged family member. We don't blame you. Luckily, Amazon is offering pet-friendly products at steep price cuts. The deals won't last long, so get them while they're hot. Whether you want ... Read more »
  • EVO 2019 Releases Final Entry Numbers With Surprising Results
    Every year when we approach EVO, it's always interesting to see who is on top when it comes to registered players, and EVO 2019 is no different. Whoever you think may be on top when it comes to players usually isn't and sometimes a name or two can ... Read more »
  • A Powerful New Shotgun Is Coming Soon To 'Fortnite: Battle Royale'
    Now that's one mean looking gun. It's also a surprise to the Fortnite community. It's the new Epic and Legendary variant of the Tactical Shotgun, a gun that's been in the game since the very beginning. It's a surprise because dataminers never found it in any of ... Read more »
  • The Best Amazon Prime Day Smartwatch Deals Right Now
    Amazon Prime Day is in full swing, with deals galore to be had on all of the best devices. Now is the perfect time to snag a discounted smartwatch, because all of the top-rated options don't come cheap. We've rounded up the best deals you can find on the ... Read more »
  • Logitech's wireless dongles remain wildly insecure and vulnerable to attacks
    Security researcher, Marcus Mengs, has discovered more vulnerabilities in Logitech's Unifying USB receivers. This isn't the first time that Logitech's Unifying USB receivers have been found to be insecure. Earlier this year, we reported that some of Logitech's ... Read more »
  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Is Like a 'Rise of Iron Plus,' Says Bungie
    Bungie has opened up about what direction it is taking with its upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep. Talking with Polygon, the team discussed the limitations associated with adding returning locations from Destiny and the similarities Shadowkeep will ... Read more »
  • Ring Video Doorbell deals start at just $70 for Prime Day
    Click here to read the full article. Are you good at math? Well we've got a simple problem for you to solve: what's 250 + 50? If you said 300, we hate to break it to you but you're way off. According to our math, it's 169 because that's how… Read more »
  • Video: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces The Golden Deer
    In the lead-up to the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Switch, Nintendo has been sharing a series of short videos, introducing players to each of the houses in the game. Last week we got a look at the Blue Lion House and this week we're taking a ... Read more »
  • 'Cyberpunk 2077' Protects Children, Crucial NPC Like Other Open-World Games
    “Cyberpunk 2077” is yet another open-world game that'll immerse its players in a society according to the game's themes. Among the experiences seen in these games are meeting children and how they interact with the player. However, CD Projekt Red ... Read more »
  • Samsung insider teases blazing-fast charging speeds for the Galaxy Note 10+
    Samsung is widely expected to sell four Galaxy Note 10 models in stores, including 4G and 5G versions of both the standard Galaxy Note 10 and the slightly larger Galaxy Note 10+, next month. Aside from the screen and battery size differences, the Galaxy ... Read more »
  • Prime Day: Get a Nintendo 2DS XL and Two Great Games for Just $129
    The Nintendo Switch Lite is arriving soon as Nintendo's de-facto entry-level handheld, but that doesn't mean you should ignore the older but still-great Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems. In fact, for Amazon Prime Day, Nintendo is running an excellent deal that ... Read more »
  • Prime Day deal: Bose SoundLink wireless headphones II are on sale for under £125
    TL;DR: The immersive Bose SoundLink wireless headphones II are on sale for £124.95, saving you 38 percent on list price. Beats might be the most stylish, and Sony might have the best noise-cancelling technology, but when it comes to sound quality, Bose ... Read more »
  • Sony's latest true wireless earbuds are tiny, noise-cancelling kings
    Borrowing the name, the looks and some of the features from Sony's WH-1000XM3 headphones, which are arguably the most popular commuter-class noise-cancelling cans right now, the WF-1000XM3 are a very impressive pair of true wireless earbuds that ... Read more »